Come Together
Getting Ready
Building the perfect resume
Your resume is probably the
most important document in
your business career.

You have to realize that it is
not just a list of jobs and
duties, but a marketing
document designed with
one message - promoting
Tips for building the perfect resume
Finding the perfect job
A good fit between your
interests and your chosen
field is the number one
condition for your success
at work.

The key is to find an
industry that gives you
purpose. The people who
find their calling are often
highly satisfied and
"wouldn’t trade their job
for the world".

Do you know which job
suits you best?
Explore a selection of jobs
Nailing that interview
How do you make someone
want to hire you?

Simple: Put yourself in the
shoes of the interviewer
and focus on his or her
needs and you'll become
an irresistible applicant.

Most interviewers form
their opinion of you in the
first few minutes of a

Be sure to give the right
Tips for preparing an interview
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